We strive to make sure every child is learning in a positive environment where they can feel successful. When students are successful they will love learning and they carry that love of learning into their older school years.
Three-year-old class is from 9am-11am. Four-year-old class is from 10am-12pm.


This is an academic preschool, meaning we teach a curriculum of reading, numbers, and Science as well as important social, motor, and behavioral skills. We use songs, art, theater, and movement as we learn the alphabet and become beginning readers. We love to count everything and have fun while we explore the world around us.


At Building Blocks Academy we use age appropriate play and individually designed instruction so your child will love learning and feel successful creating a strong academic foundation for every child that comes in to our classroom.

Miss Elizabeth

Building Blocks Academy's Teacher is Miss Elizabeth. She is a licensed teacher who graduated from Brigham Young University in 2006 with a teaching degree in Special Education. She has worked with children from 3-18 with learning struggles teaching reading, math, science, writting, and behavioral skills. Her focus is on individualizing learning and instruction to help each child enjoy feeling successful in school no matter their learning style or ability level. Please contact her with any questions you have at 801-991-0172 or at buildingblocks@gmail.com